Times recommends: Yes for Hillsborough transportation referendum

The Hillsborough County transportation referendum offers something for everybody: Better intersections in Brandon and New Tampa. New mass transit connections to West Shore, Tampa International Airport, the University of South Florida and MacDill Air Force Base. Safer streets. Fewer bottlenecks. Even sidewalks for children at school. Hillsborough voters should approve the 1-cent sales tax, because it would significantly improve transportation and better position the region for the future.

The measure would increase Hillsborough’s sale tax by a penny for 30 years. The money could be spent on a broad range of projects, from fixing intersections, bottlenecks and potholes to enhancing bus and other mass transit services. Though Hillsborough voters rejected a similar plan in 2010, this measure is the strongest and most balanced to come along. The impressive voter petition effort that placed the amendment on the November ballot reflects the increased frustration with traffic congestion that is worse than ever.

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