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Our Plan
All for Transportation is a citizen-led effort asking Hillsborough County voters to VOTE YES to approve the AFT Plan that will fund a wide range of solutions to address our County's greatest shortcoming — unsafe roads, endless traffic, and lack of transit options.
Every part of the county will receive funding and the chart below shows how the money will be spent:
Less Traffic. 
Safer Roads. 
Citizen Oversight.
VOTE YES this November.
700,000 NEW PEOPLE WILL MOVE TO HILLSBOROUGH in the next 30 years — the equivalent of Miami and Orlando moving to Hillsborough County. We must address our transportation needs to maintain our quality of life.

EVERYONE BENEFITS $183 million would be spent annually to improve roads and intersections and reduce traffic congestion in every area of the county and city — helping to prevent deadly car crashes, and increase safety for drivers, walkers, and bikers.

CITIZEN OVERSIGHT The ordinance creates an independent oversight committee that will review annual audits to ensure that funds are being spent properly, fairly and transparently.