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All for Transportation is a community led effort asking Hillsborough County voters to VOTE YES on County Amendment #2 to approve a transportation charter amendment that will fund a wide range of solutions to address our County’s greatest shortcomings — traffic congestion, safety, and lack of transit options. You can find our amendment on the last page of your ballot in November. The official ballot is below, vote YES!

Hillsborough County Charter Amendment #2 All For Transportation Vote YES

In one year, All For Transportation will raise $280 million that will be used to reduce congestion, create more efficient neighborhood bus service, and ensure funds are spent properly.

Our community needs the funding. Hillsborough County has a $9 billion backlog of transportation projects, and traffic will only get worse as our population will grow by more than 700,000 people in the next 30 years.

Everyone benefits. Every neighborhood in Hillsborough County benefits from improved roads and intersections, more crosswalks, sidewalks, and bike lanes, traffic light timing technology, and new transit services.

Independent oversight. The amendment creates an independent oversight committee that will review annual audits to ensure that funds are being spent properly, fairly and transparently.

By voting YES for Transportation on County Amendment #2 (it will be on the very last page of your ballot!) on November 6th, you are voting to fund the dire need for transportation solutions in Hillsborough County. Please read the language of our proposed plan below:


Hillsborough County Transportation Charter Amendment



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