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Traffic congestion is no longer sporadic. All over the county, the congestion is constant. Families spend less time together. People spend more time commuting, more accidents dot the highways and quality of life suffers.

What can you do to keep Hillsborough moving and join the movement? Between now and November, there is much work to be done. You can:

Request a FREE yard sign, volunteer at the campaign office or volunteer to host a neighborhood event

Show your support by helping us spread information about our cause.

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Donate to join the movement and help us win in November!

Everything helps - from $5 to $50 or $500.

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Call or email your neighbors

Help spread the word by using these quick blurbs to help share your support.

I’m tired of traffic congestion and that’s why I’m supporting #allfortraansportation and the November initiative.
I waste 2 hours each day in traffic to and from work, it’s about time we see real solutions to cut the congestion. I’m #allfortransportation.
I don’t want Hillsborough to become the next LA.  Join me in supporting #allfortransportation.
An extra penny for more time w/ my family and less time in my car?  That’s an easy decision! Join me in supporting #allfortransportation.
More traffic congestion? No thanks! I support #allfortransportation to solve our traffic nightmare. If we can’t move, we can’t grow. It’s time for action. Join me in supporting #allfortransportation.

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