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All For Transportation is a Hillsborough county citizen-led effort to fund a wide range of solutions to our county's greatest shortcoming–unsafe roads, endless traffic, and lack of transit options. With 700,000 people expected to move to our County over the next 30 years, we need transportation solutions now.

A community that cannot move, cannot thrive.

Our Plan →
The Issue
The Solution
The All For Transportation plan will generate $340 million year one. 

Of that money, 54.5% ($183 million) will be spent annually to improve roads and intersections and reduce traffic congestion in every area of the county and city — preventing deadly car crashes and increasing safety for drivers, walkers, and bikers. 

45% ($153 million) will be used to expand transit options with more efficient and frequent bus service. 

The remaining .05% is budgeted for planning and oversight to ensure our transportation dollars are spent fairly and transparently.